The voice of the robot

  1. The deadline is tonight, yes it’s the perfect time to sweep the floor!
  2. Now, start and create another masterpiece!
  3. No more failures for you anymore, congratulations!
  4. What did you start?
  5. Everything is still dirty; I guess I can’t finish my Artwork on time!
  6. Have a break and a little neb and then full power finish the project!
  7. Yes, that should work, hang on I can see some more mess over there!
  8. It’s impossible, but it has to work!
  9. No, I can’t come, I have to finish that, no really I am running out of time ok, but only for one drink!
  10. Would I give you a hand sorry no, but yes I have been stuck anyway!
  11. Early start tomorrow, and the rest of the week!
  12. Stuck! Stuck! Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!
  13. Okay, back to research again!
  14. I really need some coffee, let’s go back to the shop!
  15. Isn’t it time for the tax? I guess I should do it now!
  16. I haven’t called my parent’s for a long time! And what about my aunty; and this neighbour, I hung out with 20 years ago?
  17. Before I start I should check my social media!
  18. Did I just hear another message coming in? Let’s check the mails, Instagram and Facebook as well!
  19. I don’t believe in the white canvas phobia; but what should I start with?
  20. I would be finished today; if I would start now!
  21. damn atychiphobia
  22. This abnormal, irrational anxiety about mistakes is debilitating to me. Today my fear of even the most subtle failure or defeat is so intense it restricts me to do anything at all.
  23. This angst of being finished with the project is my problem!
  24. This morning, I am feeling confident about getting finally thru with this work!
  25. I feel like a failure, but actually, I should think like a genius!
  26. I need the money, but I don’t have the time!
  27. So you don’t what to pay me, because I do something you don’t consider as work, but you still want to see?
  28. Why the hell, do I feel so passioned about the big questions of humanity and the world?
  29. My brain feels like it wants to explode, I pray for a Tabula Rasa!
  30. After a year of preparation, my exhibition opening was yesterday; but what now?
  31. 4000 hours of production, my exhibition closing was yesterday! Conclusion: excellent feedback, great exposure; but hang on where is the money on my account?
  32. I love what I do! I love what I do! I love what I do! Hang on what did I just said?
  33. Artwork finished, I spend endless hours on a product! Now I only have to convince the world of its value and justify why did I create it!
  34. If I stay any longer in my studio, I think I will go mad, let’s go home and watch the most brainless entertaining movie I can find!
  35. My inspiration is very low today; there is no point to be here, anyway let’s clean the floor a little bit!
  36. What if I make a mistake?
  37. What if this work is not as good as my last one?
  38. What if I can’t sell it?
  39. What if the curator doesn’t like it?
  40. Who worked so intensely for such a long time on one idea, earned a rather complex and fair critic!
  41. Is this complex enough, in terms of art history? Or am I making a fool of myself?
  42. If I followed your rules, my artwork would be impossible!
  43. No one will be ever secure in this world!
  44. It’s not clear at all when your journey will be over!
  45. What can I do with all these unsold sculptures? Destruction, reuse, or donating, discount sell is unprofessional!
  46. I can’t resolve that problem!
  47. That’s a catastrophe I have to start from scratch again!
  48. If I can’t resolve this project to my standards, I can’t do it at all!
  49. I am aware; nobody will see the insufficiency in this project, but I will remember it forever!
  50. The drafting is completed; now, the tough production starts followed by endless refining of the composition!
  51. To many ideas; destructing from the careful planning to achieve a particular aim!
  52. To overcome the chaos in my studio might help to control the mess in my head!
  53. The most outstanding organisation can’t prevent you from the last-minute stress before the deadline!
  54. The project turns out as a disaster, but I ignore the feeling of a mental breakdown as I don’t serve me at all! I know I can do it!
  55. To genuinely resolve an artwork finally; sometimes you have to smash the project to bits; stomp it to dust; vacuum it and throw it in the trash bin!
  56. I became an Artist because I have a divergent vision of the world; I willing to share, and not fight for survival, or to rely on the grace of people who see value in culture!
  57. I tell you I am a professional Artist, and you ask what I am doing for money!
  58. If you want to learn about the culture of a country, you should always study how society treats their artists!
  59. I feel exhausted, drained, often a little depressed; but I still know I am doing the right thing!
  60. I would wish for all of us Artist the ‘Berlin Modell’ becomes a world standard!
  61. This is going nowhere, so back to the drawing board!
  62. It seems’ to be murphy’s law the last day before the delivery, everything breaks down, and you spend a whole night fixing what meant to be ready!
  63. The force of seeking excellence often creates a significant blockage, very difficult to overcome and unnecessarily.
  64. Perfection; is the declared target of an artwork, but the dead of development and the end of progress!
  65. In the moment of the exhibition, an artwork dies and transforms from a living process into a monument!
  66. Focus! Focus! Focus! Focus! Focus!
  67. I am sitting in my studio, staring out the window the sun is shining!
  68. I just woke up in front of my computer! I have to go home!
  69. If you pick up momentum in your art career, you never can stop, or you have to start again!
  70. Culture, the only exclusive human characteristics, is always the first which gets declared as unimportant if things get hard!
  71. Don’t lose your practice in times of social isolation!
  72. It helps if there is no need to be anywhere, or to meet anyone because you are not allowed to, focusing on your own projects!
  73. This virus is life-threatening, but it slows down the world to a more healthy speed!
  74. Would the world understand the importance of the arts after a world war against a virus?
  75. We are living in a time; where the entire human race faces one common enemy!
  76. A virus treats everyone equally; it doesn’t care about race, education, wealth, or Fame!
  77. The introverts have now an excellent reason to isolate themselves; without feeling bad about it!
  78. Freedom of Mind!
  79. As an artist; you expose yourself to the world to the extent that anyone could learn everything about you!
  80. It’s really tricky to maintain a sustainable art career with commercial success; without betraying your individual art expression?
  81. Working as an artist is altruistic; and self-destructive; at the same time!
  82. I love these inlighten moments; of absolute success and personal breakthroughs in art projects!
  83. There is so much joy in the discovery of a new Process!
  84. It is practically impossible to have an unused idea, but you can invent a new process!
  85. It is not wrong to get inspiration from other artists, but a simple copy is pathetic!
  86. Repeat!Repeat!Repeat!Repeat! That Sucks!
  87. Continually reinventing yourself is necessary as an artist!
  88. How many people you have to impress; to become a successful artist!
  89. To call an artist emerging; is the Australian way to depreciate someone who hasn’t had as much exposure to the public, but it is no measurement for quality!
  90. The Australian way to categorise artists in steps of development is demoralising and completely pointless!
  91. The Tall poppy syndrome; is a phenomenon in Australian culture; I condemn the most as a sign of envy, and it indicates outdated opinions to be underprivileged!
  92. My train of Thoughts is rolling, I would wish it would stop so I can make use of some of them!
  93. Today I am very effective, I can’t have a break, but I am so hungry!
  94. Give up! Keep Up! Give up! Keep Up! Give up! Keep Up! Give up! Keep Up!
  95. Art sucks! Art sucks! Art sucks! Art sucks! Art sucks!
  96. I wish; to have a regular paid nine to five job, no, I don’t!
  97. The finished Artwork; does not represent the majority of the time; the work and effort involved!
  98. Am I wrong, or all the Others?
  99. That’s ingenious, or pathetic, no, definitely ingenious!
  100. When will I fulfill my immortal legacy!