2018 ‘mindmatter’ Heathcote Gallery Applecross / Perth 
Western Australia
2013 ´SO FAR`A Retrospective Exhibition International`Schoolhouse` in Weicht, Germany
2007 Do-It-Yourself Beauty Operations, Weicht, Germany
2006 Women's Weapons: Combat Strength Out of the Beauty Case, Weicht, Germany
´Art in the factory 2` Sirch container-factory, Neugablonz
2005 Art in the Factory 1, Sirch Container-Factory, Neugablonz, Germany
2004 Mister Jös, Buchloe, Germany
2002 Streetlife-Festival, Munich, Germany
2001 Firma Wasa, Munich, Germany


2018 HERE&NOW 2018 Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth Western Australia


2019 Finalist MID WEST ART PRIZE (Geraldton)
2017 Sculpture at Bathers, curator Angela McHarrie, Fremantle, Australia
2016 Blazing Swan Festival - Illumination, Kulin, Australia
2015 PUBLIC Art Salon, Victoria Park, Australia
Blazing Swan Festival-Inspiration, Kulin, Australia
2014 Streifeldstrasse, Experimental Music Project in collaboration Gottfried Weber
Jobe, Munich, Germany
Fire Music Performance, Weicht, Germany
2013 35. Ostallgäuer Art Prize, in Marktoberdorf, Germany
2013 Damen Gedeck/Herren Gedeck,Buchloe, Germany
35. Ostallgäuer Art Exhibition Marktoberdorf, Germany
2012 Living Plant Sculptures, Damen Gedeck/Herren Gedeck, Germany

2011 Kulturschutzgebiet, Munich, Germany
Night of the Environment, Munich, Germany
Damen Gedeck/Herren Gedeck, Buchloe, Germany
2003-2010 Culture Days, Annual International Exhibition, Weicht, Germany
2007 62 Years Pious and Free, Weicht, Germany


2017 Print award,Finalist highly commented Fremantle Artcenter, Fremantle, Australia
Sound Installation ´Lost in Outer Space` art grant Blazing swan, Kulin, Australia
2016 Wormhole as a Modern Version of Noah's Ark, Main Art Grant for Interactive
Sculpture at ‘Blazing Swan’, Kulin, Australia
2015 Chainsaw Wildflower Performance, Art Grant for `Blazing Swan`, Kulin, Australia
2013 Public KA.FFE shortlisted for Art in the public, Kaufbeuren, Germany
2009 New European School Shortlisted for the Public Artwork
Munich, Germany, in collaboration with Gottfried Weber Jobe
2008 Walter Art Prize Finalist, Noah Gallery, Augsburg, Germany
2007 1st Prize - International Art Prize, ‘Culture Days’, Weicht, Germany
2001 23rd Ostallgäuer Art Prize,Finalist, Marktoberdorf, Germany
2000 22nd Ostallgäuer Art Prize,Finalist, Marktoberdorf ,Germany
51st Kempten Art Prize, Finalist, Germany
6th St. Andreasberg Art Prize, Finalist, Harz, Germany
1998 Commissioned for the Funtain Sculpture at the Department Building of Accident
Prevention and Insurance Association for Wood and Building, Munich Passing
1997 2nd Winner in the Rotary Art Competition, Garmisch-Patenkirchen, Germany


2017 Artist in residence early Learning School West Leederville (Perth)
2001 - 2004 Commissioned Art Building Projects, Koh Chang, Thailand
2009 - 2010 Studies in Australia, self directed and funded residency around Australia


2013 Ten Minute Flower, Stuhler Farm,Weicht, Germany
2007 Destroy Nature Create Nature, Culture Days, Weicht, Germany
Free and Easy Festival, Life Printing Backstage, Munich, Germany
2006 Create Your Own Freak,Culture Days, Weicht, Germany
2005 Turn a Mosquito into an Elephant,Culture Days, Weicht, Germany
Ten Minute Flower, Art in The Factory Reloaded, Sirch Container-Factory, Neugablonz,
2005-2013 The Igloo Hotel, Sculptoren Team, Garmisch-Patenkirchen, Germany
1998 - 2002 Sculptor Symposium, Department of Tourism, Jungholz, Tirol


2016 - current IS THAT SAFE, Performance Project, Fremantle, WA
2015 Chainsaw Performance, Blazing Swan Art festival, Kulin, WA
2014 Experimental Music Projekt, Streitfeldstraße,Munich, Germany
Fire Music, Cultur Days, Weicht, Germany
2010 Performance,Culur Days, Weicht, Germany
2008 The Big City Village, HOFHAUS; Weicht, Germany
2007 Performance Style is Wicked, Life Printing , Fashion School
of Munich, Landsberg, Lech, Germany


2017 Curator for Stuart McMillan`s solo Exhibition ´J shed´ Fremantle
2005 - 2008 Project Manager, International Sculpture Symposium, Weicht
2003-2010 Management Team, International Culture days, Weicht Germany
2006-2010 Member of the Curator Team, Culture days, Weicht, Germany
2006 Project Manager, Prints at the Free and Easy Festival Backstage, Munich
Project Manager, Art in the Factory Reloaded, Sirch Container-Factory, Neugablonz
2011 Rosebel Gold Mines, Technician and Consultant, Suriname, South America