Artist Statement


Bjoern Rainer-Adamson


Bjoern Rainer-Adamson’s artistic journey is a profound exploration of the contemporary human condition, notably the escalating conflict over resources that casts a foreboding shadow on our species’ survival. Drawing from his roots in Bavaria, a region synonymous with technological prowess, Rainer-Adamson’s work delves into the intricate dynamics between humanity and the machinery we have created.

At the heart of his narrative lies a stark commentary on the global struggle for resources. As the world hurtles forward in an era of accelerated growth and technological advancement, the artist highlights the perilous tipping point where the balance of power slips inexorably into the hands of machines. The relentless pursuit of innovation, fueled by a desire for progress, inadvertently becomes a battleground, leaving humanity entangled in a war for scarce resources.

Rainer-Adamson’s sculptures serve as metaphors for this conflict, embodying the tension between organic life and the artificial entities we have birthed. The intricate details of his creations mirror the complexities of our relationship with technology, illustrating the symbiotic dance between the two.

Amidst this struggle, the artist doesn’t shy away from confronting the ominous prospect of human extinction. The narrative woven into his works challenges viewers to confront the consequences of unchecked technological advancement. As machines assert dominance, the human race faces its own destiny — a destiny that seems perilously close to the precipice of oblivion.

Through his art, Rainer-Adamson beckons us to reflect on the implications of our relentless pursuit of progress. The specter of self-destruction looms large, and the artist compels us to consider the urgent need for introspection and course correction. In a world where the lines between creator and creation blur, Bjoern Rainer-Adamson’s sculptures serve as haunting reminders of the fragility of our existence and the imperative to navigate the delicate balance between innovation and survival.

Winner of the  John Stringer Prize 2019 at the John Curtin Gallery in Perth. Selected by Perth Collectors Club.


In 2018 he was selected for the HERE & NOW exhibition at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery curated by Anna Louise Richardson;  a contemporary engagement with the iconoclastic legacy of Marcel Duchamp.


In 2018 he was also awarded a commission for the public artwork `IMACHINATION` granted by the new School of Early Learning in North Perth.